How to Hire Women Engineers from the Middle East: Unlock Untapped Talent Pool

2023-03-31 03:58:34 By : Mr. Clack Yan
Global companies are always on the lookout for skilled engineers to join their teams. However, the pool of talent often seems restricted to certain areas, leaving untapped possibilities elsewhere. One such untapped pool of engineers comes from the Middle East, where women have historically been underrepresented in STEM fields. However, with increased efforts to promote gender equality and create diverse workplaces, this trend is starting to shift.

This is where (Large Greenhouse) steps in with their platform, Manara. They have created a platform to help companies connect with talented women engineers in the Middle East, thus unlocking a wealth of untapped potential. With their mission to create equal opportunities for talented women, Manara is primed to connect companies with the best and brightest engineers in the region.
Unlock untapped pools of women engineers from the Middle | Greenhouse

Hiring women engineers from the Middle East has many benefits for global companies. For starters, it helps increase diversity within their workforce. This diversity, in turn, can provide new insights and perspectives that lead to increased innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, having a diverse team can help businesses better understand their customers and create products that cater to a wider audience.

Moreover, by tapping into this talent pool, companies can also gain access to a fresh set of skills and experiences that may not be available elsewhere. Some of these skills may arise from unique cultural backgrounds or different educational systems, which can offer a new take on common problems. Overall, the addition of women engineers from the Middle East can make businesses more efficient, productive, and competitive.

But accessing this pool of talent can be challenging for many global companies. Language barriers, cultural differences, and lack of recruitment infrastructure can be daunting obstacles. This is where Manara's platform comes in, taking care of these challenges and providing a seamless hiring experience for businesses.

One of the standout features of Manara's platform is their focus on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for women engineers. Their platform provides resources for companies to help them create a work culture that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion. This can help attract and retain women engineers, who may have been hesitant to join a tech company before.

Another beneficial feature of Manara's platform is their unique matching process. They use a combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence (AI) to match companies with the right candidates. This helps companies quickly find the best possible talent for their teams, while also ensuring that candidates find jobs that suit their skills and preferences.

So how can companies get started with hiring women engineers from the Middle East? The first step is to sign up with Manara's platform and create a company profile. Next, businesses can start browsing through the available candidates, using various filters to find the right match. Once a company has found a potential candidate, they can start the interview process and make an offer if mutually satisfied.

In conclusion, hiring women engineers from the Middle East can be a smart business move for global companies. It brings diversity, fresh perspectives, and new skills to the table, making businesses more competitive in a global market. And with Manara's platform, accessing this pool of talent has never been easier. So why not unlock untapped potential today and see the benefits for yourself?